Providing equine assisted therapy for those with physical, mental, or emotional challenges

Training and Recognition

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Volunteers II

Each year, our volunteers participate in an annual Orientation and Volunteer training session.

Experienced horse handlers including individuals inside and outside the Dream Rider program provide instruction in such things as teamwork, volunteer responsibilities, safety procedures, mounting and dismounting, barn rules, horse competencies, etc. Other members of the community including physical therapists, physicians, veterinarians and individuals who regularly provide services to the disabled community also participate.

All volunteers are required to complete the Volunteer Information Form, to agree to a Background Check and complete the Volunteer Training program. Background Checks are conducted through the Kentucky State Police. Dream Riders will cover he cost of the background check for volunteers who demonstrate a sustained commitment to the program.

Smiles on the faces of our riders is of course its own reward, but Dream Riders holds events throughout the year to recognize and give thanks to our volunteers including our annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner, pizza parties, cookouts and impromptu get-togethers.