Whether you’ve ridden or worked with horses for years, or don’t know a halter from a bridle, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities for you at Dream Riders! In 2019, over 300 volunteers with a passion for helping individuals with disabilities were trained. Collectively, our volunteers donated 4,900 hours of time giving back to their community through Dream Riders.

Dream Riders has learned that the key to making the volunteer experience a great, safe one, involves training and pairing volunteers to jobs that play to their strengths and interests. Volunteer Training programs for new volunteers are held throughout the year. The program is led by Dream Riders staff, with support from community representatives, who work regularly with individuals in the special needs community. Volunteers learn their responsibilities, safety procedures, mounting and dismounting, barn rules, horse competencies, and the importance of teamwork. Ongoing education and additional volunteer training programs are provided on an as-needed basis for those unable to attend the annual training program.

Prior to beginning, volunteers are required to complete the Volunteer Information Form, and agree to a background check. 

There are countless organizations in our area in need of volunteers, and Dream Riders feels honored that so many people step forward to make our program successful. The smiles on our riders’ faces and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a difference in someone’s life is an unbeatable feeling.


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Dream Riders Volunteer Application